10 winter outfits to wear your white sneakers

white sneakers

The white sneakers they are a basic garment for any Woman; we can use them in any season and with the look we want. You do not believe me? I leave you today 10 winter outfits to wear your white sneakers what you can use during this season is dying of cold!

1. Skirt and sweater.

It’s a great combination to wear your white sneakers in winter without freezing to death. She wears a tube skirt with a chunky turtleneck sweater. Choose nude colors in your clothes to match your sneakers. If you are very cold, add a layer of the same tone.

2. Woven dresses.

Knitted dresses are a great bet for this season. Wear a neutral color and let your white sneakers dominate. This look is perfect for a casual breakfast or meal.

3. Leather pants and jacket

Faux fur pants don’t go out of style in winter either. Combine them with a thick black jacket. Remember to show some skin on the ankles to avoid showing off your feet too much.

4. All black.

The best way to make your white sneakers the stars of your outfit is to combine them with black clothes. Go for a total black look and play with different textures, don’t be afraid to lose your silhouette a little with wide or asymmetrical clothes, you will look more modern.

5. Mini

If you are one of the bravest who can wear a mini skirt in the winter without freezing to death, you may be one of the lucky ones with the perfect outfit to wear white tennis shoes in the winter. Combine with long socks of a certain texture and complement with a leather jacket.

6. Teddy coat Teddy

Coats are always in trend for this season since last year and the main reason is that we can wear them with any fabulous look and look: pants, pants, dresses, suits or skirts. Pack your plush with your Favorite tennis and you’ll be ready for your December events.

7. Get dressed.

Take your white sneakers to the office or on a work date. Play with textures and prints and make your white sneakers predominate. Opt for plaid coats and matching trousers or solid colors. Dare and wear one in brown this season.

8. Down

Jacket Thick jackets are a MUST to match all your winter outfits. Wear one in your favorite color, pair it with jeans and white trainers. You’ll be ready for a movie afternoon in five minutes!

9. with white pants.

I promise you won’t look like a nurse. Pair your white pants with a dark sweater and complete it with a coat of the same shade. To avoid looking like you just got out of the hospital, fold up your jeans or pants to show some skin.

10. All naked.

Like black, nude color never fails in winter. Wear your look completely nude and complete it with your white sneakers. You will look perfect even in pants!

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