3rd Office 365 outage in a week: very annoyed users

Microsoft made a change in its network infrastructure which resulted in a service unavailability of several hours. It’s the third disruption that increasingly annoyed Office 365 and Outlook users have had to endure since the start of the month.

Many Office 365 and Outlook users have repeatedly experienced difficulty connecting to Microsoft cloud services in recent days. After a first failure at the beginning of October , linked to an update of the publisher’s online services authentication system which affected Outlook, Office 365, Teams, Power Platform or Dynamics 365, a second failure followed very quickly. close to and concerned in particular users in Europe. At that time, it was an update in the routing configuration of user requests that had wreaked havoc.

with a third outage which again hit Office 365 customers (Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business) but also Outlook.com. According to Downdetector, nearly 22,000 Office 365 issues were escalated from 6 p.m. until shortly after midnight when the technical issue was finally resolved.

Exasperated users

“As of approximately 6:20 PM UTC on October 7, 2020, a subset of customers are experiencing connectivity issues due to an ongoing network issue,”  Microsoft explained . “This issue appears to only impact Azure customers in North America and Azure Government. A number of other services are reporting downstream impact. After investigation, it turns out that it is a change of network infrastructure.

which has led to accessibility problems which is at the origin of this new incident.

On Twitter, users were  particularly annoyed by this umpteenth concern, without real indulgence for the Redmond firm. “You are hilarious. I leave you alone with your WinSDK for how many hours? Thank goodness my business is not dependent on your Office 365 services. Good luck restoring services and getting everyone back online, back to online classes, everything else and anything online,” GGPCTU tweeted. And Crypto Hustler says, “I experience more outages with cloud services than on-premises. If I had my Exchange server running like I did back then, I wouldn’t be experiencing this outage now

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