The laser lipo to redraw your silhouette

The Laser lipo represents the latest technology in Laser Lipolysis (fatty tissue melting by laser diodes), allowing you to lose several centimeters of waistline, reshape the contours of your body (hips, buttocks, arms, thighs, double chin…) and improve the appearance of your cellulite.

Objectives of laser lipolysis

The action of the laser diodes, called “cold” laser, is not invasive, little or not painful and does not require any injection. There is no social eviction and the results often appear quickly from the 1st session . This treatment will always be part of an overall management of your lifestyle: optimization of your eating habits, practice of regular physical activity.

How does the Laser lipo work?

Our body’s energy reserve is made up of triglycerides, lipids stored in adipocytes (fat cells). Our adipocytes multiply during puberty but in adulthood, their number no longer varies. Only their size increases or decreases according to weight gain or loss.

Our body is constantly building energy reserves from food. The immediately usable calories are formed by carbohydrates (sugars), but the stock of calories for the medium to long term is constituted by triglycerides. When our body needs energy it draws on its reserves. The adipocytes offload triglycerides in the intercellular space in the form of free fatty acids which will in turn be used as an energy source.

Weight gain is linked to the conjunction of an unbalanced diet (too rich in carbohydrates and/or lipids) and insufficient physical activity . The caloric intake then becomes greater than the losses, our body will thus store more than it consumes and our fat mass will increase.

In subjects who are overweight or fattening , the size of adipocytes increases well beyond normal, although their number remains constant. In this diagram, the adipocytes “grow” as the weight gain progresses.

Conversely, in subjects who are thin or who undertake a slimming diet , the number of adipocytes also remains the same but their size is reduced. Adipocytes “lose weight” .

It is precisely at the level of the adipocytes that the Laser lipo acts.

Destroy fat with the Laser lipo

The Laser lipo has 14 plates of laser diodes using 4 different wavelengths which reproduce the natural process of emptying fat cells and extracting free fatty acids, in the same way as when we draw on our energy reserves. Thanks to laser radiation, the fat cells are destroyed and the skin tightened under the thermal effect of the Laser lipo.

The Laser lipo thus achieves a natural and real-time weight loss of adipocytes.

There are no side or adverse effects on surrounding tissues and organs.

A period of physical exercise after each session is essential to ensure the elimination of the fatty acids thus released and to prevent their redeposition.

Many clinical studies around the world have demonstrated the effectiveness of this process. By treating the stomach , for example, a reduction of up to 4 cm in waist circumference can be observed from the 1st session. The moderate cost of each session is an additional attraction of this process.

Reduce cellulite and tighten skin

The action of laser lipolysis will reduce the fat volume on targeted areas of the body , resulting in a real improvement in the visual appearance of the skin. By reducing the size of the subcutaneous adipocytes under the thermal effect of the Laser lipo, the production of collagen increases and the skin will smooth and tighten . This skin retraction provides an immediate visual benefit and significantly improves the “orange peel” appearance generated by cellulite.

The treatment protocol

The patient lies comfortably and wears protective goggles. The laser diode plates are placed directly on the skin without any preparation. Depending on the case, several areas can be treat at the same time. A slight “hot water bottle” type heat sensation is felt but there is no risk of burns. The processing is automated.

The protocol includes 2 sessions per week of 30 minutes.

A complete treatment includes 4 to 8 sessions, or even more depending on the case.

Subsequently, maintenance sessions may be schedul to maintain or even improve the results obtained.

The Laser lipo does not cause any side effects , no hematomas or marks on the skin except for a slight temporary redness. There is no socio-professional eviction: after the session, you can immediately resume your daily activity.

During the day or evening of the session, it is essential to practice physical activity to accelerate.the elimination of the fatty acids released. This activity will be defined according to your morphology and your usual practice. Some also recommend a preparatory physical exercise session the day before the session.

An instruction sheet and an informed consent to sign will be given to you by Doctor Korb before performing your laser lipo session in Nantes .

Laser lipo indications

In which cases can the Laser lipo be used?

These are all areas of the body where unwanted excess fat deposits are stored knowing that several areas can be treated at the same time during the session. For circular (arms, thighs, etc.) or large areas, the laser plates will be held in place with bandages.

All phototypes can be treated.

The areas treated are multiple:


Flanks (love handles),



Cellulite and Saddlebags,

Back (angel wings) and lower back,

Arms and underarms,

Double chin.

Laser lipo for localized fat

Laser Lipolysis alone is particularly effective in treating localized fatty deposits . The Laser lipo is also a very useful alternative on areas where liposuction is less effective or not recommended.

For larger areas with a larger volume of fat to be treat.the Laser lipo can be combined with liposuction sessions . This double action will improve skin retraction and sometimes correct certain asymmetries observed following liposuction alone.

Contraindications of Laser lipo

No treatment before adolescence (12 years old), menstruating women, pregnancy, recent childbirth (3 to 6 months delay), recent surgery less than 4 months old, recent skin scars on the area to be treat,.

dermatological condition inflammatory flare-up, unstabilized hypertension, atherogenic or hemorrhagic cardiovascular disease, evolving cancer, immune deficiency, epilepsy, taking photo-sensitizing drugs, patients with a pacemaker, hearing aids (to be removed before the session) .

Instructions to follow

Before the session :

Avoid having a heavy meal within 2 hours before

Drink a glass of water before starting the session

For women treated on the stomach: do not do a session if you are having your period that day, do not do any treatment less than 3 months after delivery by natural means, or less than 6 months after a caesarean section.

After the session:

Drink in the following hours, at least 1 liter of water added with a draining product, to increase your capacities of elimination.

Practice during the day or evening of the session, a physical activity or sport adapted to your condition , to accelerate the elimination of lipids, activate blood circulation and strengthen your muscles.

Adopt good habits by practicing regular physical activity and balancing your diet:

eat less fatty and/or sugary foods and more foods rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. Call a dietitian if necessary.

drink water regularly throughout the day in sufficient quantity (1 liter minimum)

eat meals at regular times, do not skip meals, especially breakfast

Avoid snacking between meals, sugary drinks (sodas, syrups, etc.). even those containing synthetic sweeteners.and alcoholic drinks (wines, beers, spirits, etc.) all of which are high in calories.

flee the wacky diets that abound in the mainstream press: weight regain is guaranteed in the short or medium term

Whatever your diet, there is no point in depriving yourself by going from one extreme to another. Any deprivation will eventually lead to frustration and irremediably lead to weight regain.

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