Air conditioner not cooling, what to do?


  • Step 1: Check the power supply to the air conditioner
  • Step 2: Reprogram your air conditioner
  • Step 3: Clean your air conditioner filters
  • Step 4: Check that the home environment is suitable
  • Step 5: Compressor failure or refrigerant gas leak?

Air conditioner not cooling, what to do?

A step-by-step guide

The list of materials if necessary

Faced with an air conditioner that does not cool the house (or no longer cools enough), we quickly find ourselves helpless. The mechanics of an air conditioner are complex and dangerous, due to the refrigerant gas inside. And understanding this mechanism is not easy! However, in the case of a temperature problem, there may be a cause as simple as its solution.

1:Check the power supply to the air conditioner

It may seem obvious, but first check that the air conditioner is well supplied with electricity.

Here are a few tips :

In the case of an air conditioner that makes very little noise, listen carefully to how it works (especially for the latest generation splits ).

If in doubt, check that the power supply cable is not cut in one place.

Also check the fuse at the electricity meter, and change it if necessary.

2:Reprogram your air conditioner

Check the programming of your air conditioner

It is possible that :

the set temperature is not the one you want;

delayed programming is activated so as to trigger the air conditioner later (like a timer);

an “eco” type operating mode is engaged in order to limit energy consumption (refer to the manual for your air conditioner to manage the operating modes).

If you are unable to modify the programming or the operating mode of your air conditioner

In this case :

Change the batteries in your remote control: this may seem silly, but it is nevertheless a regular trap, especially with the low-charge batteries that are supplied from the factory with the devices.

The electrical programmer of the air conditioner may be faulty. In this case, the intervention of a professional is recommended.

3:Clean your air conditioner filters

The lack of fresh air coming out of your air conditioner can quite simply come from clogging of the air filters, also called mechanical filters:

  • Open the air conditioner cover.
  • Take out the mechanical filters.
  • Vacuum the dust on the surface of the filters.
  • Clean the filters with soap and water.
  • Allow the filters to dry before reassembling them.
  • Maintain an air conditioner
  • Consult the Ooreka practical sheet         

4:Check that the home environment is suitable

For an air conditioner to effectively cool the air in the house, the latter must remain sealed against any entry of outside air.

Test drive your air conditioner:

  • carefully closing all windows and doors;
  • by drawing the curtains or closing the shutters for south-facing windows.

If this improves the operation of your air conditioner, then you must adopt reflexes of immediate closing of the openings when you enter and leave.

There are also other causes that can explain that your air conditioner no longer cools:

  • Your air conditioner is poorly sized for the surface to be cooled. In this case, have your needs assessed by a professional refrigeration specialist.
  • Your windows are not airtight enough (in the case of single glazing , for example).
  • The insulation of your house has weaknesses. In this case, there are dedicated insulation kits for air conditioning on the market.
  • The exhaust window is poorly caulked (in the case of a portable air conditioner). Again, ready-to-use caulking solutions are commercially available.

5:Compressor failure or refrigerant gas leak?

After having explored all avenues, if your air conditioner still does not cool the home enough:

  • It may be a compressor failure:
  • The intervention of a professional is then necessary.
  • If the device is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer or distributor directly.
  • A refrigerant gas leak is also possible:
  • Note that unlike a automotive air conditioning, home air conditioning does not need to be recharged. If it loses its gas, there is a leak in the system.
  • Do not try to intervene, this gas is highly harmful, and again call a professional.

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