Benefits of rocking chair for sleep, memory and back

A customer’s opinion on a custom-made rocking chair

wooden rocking chairs

“My 76-year-old mother has a chair that is too big for her and finds herself hunched over when she sits down. I searched on the internet if there were more suitable chairs. I found motorized ones (she didn’t want any) and other very nice stationary ones but with a substantial budget (and not really suitable). Then I found MonsiègeàMoi which offers truly made-to-measure (I didn’t think it existed for armchairs) with very well explained measurements.Very enthusiastic I order a rocking chair. My mother received it earlier than expected. I mounted it (very easy and quick operation) then she tried it. There the arch was no longer as pronounced because her lower back was well supported against the backrest and I can see that she felt comfortable there, which I wanted.

In conclusion, I am very satisfied with this purchase and I can only recommend this site which also offers a wide range of armchairs and chairs that are always made to measure. And finally I also emphasize that I find the prices very attractive

Rocking chair to prevent various back pain

The rocking motion of the rocking chair gently solicits the muscles of the lower back, thighs and abdominals. In addition, areas of pressure and muscle tension are constantly shifting.

These actions would help relieve some back pain.

In any case, JF Kennedy’s doctor was convinced. In the 1950s, she prescribed him a rocking chair for his back pain.

The president appreciated the benefits of the rocking chair for his back so much that he installed it in his various places of residence. There was even a rocking chair in the Air Force One presidential plane. The President also installed them at Camp David and gave them to friends, family and heads of state.

The rocking chair improves blood circulation

The continuous movement makes it possible to change the support zones at the level of the seat and thus to the blood to circulate.

This improves venous return to the legs. Recovery is therefore faster.

The pressures on the seat bones are regularly relieved. Thus the blood also circulates more freely in this area. As a result, comfort is improved.

put a child to sleep

This would be the origin of the rocking chair. Its design would have been inspired by a cradle.

The parent, by reproducing the movement of the cradle, puts the child to sleep, while having a comfortable position.

The rocking chair would also improve sleep and memory

One of the lesser-known effects of the rocking chair’s rocking motion is improved sleep quality and memory.

Indeed in January 24, 2019 a first study published in Current Biology shows that rocking promotes:

  • deep sleep
  • maintaining sleep
  • memory in healthy people.

The study is carried out in a bed during the night with a lateral oscillation at a frequency of 0.25 Hz.

A second study published in this same journal shows that this benefit of the rocking movement on sleep also applies to animals. The study shows that mice are even more sensitive than humans to this rocking motion. 

So don’t be surprised if your cat finds sleep on your lap faster when you’re sitting in a rocking chair. And since the purring of the cat would in turn make it easier for the adult to fall asleep, you could have the double benefit of the rocking chair rocking and the purring of the cat.

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