Best ideas of foot tattoos and designs

The foot tattoos an ideal area to get small discreet tattoos, a phrase or a symbol that has a special meaning for us will fit there perfectly. The main advantage of getting a tattoo on the foot is how easy it is to hide it if you don’t want everyone to see it. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo on your foot, chances are you are hesitating about what kind of tattoo you want to get. However, there is a wide variety of tattoos that will suit your tastes and preferences, so in this new Foot Tattoo for Women article, we wanted to present to you some designs of tattoos on the foot that we have handpicked…

foot tattoos

On ToutHOW we will illustrate tattoos for women on the foot with the help of photos, so that you just have to choose the one you like the most!

 foot tattoos for women on the foot: phrase

Phrases are always a good option in case you are thinking about getting a tattoo on your foot since you could very well take advantage of the forefoot area to tattoo it. It is also a good idea to separate your phrase or word and have one half tattooed on one foot and the second half on the other foot, so by bringing your feet together a phrase or word will be formed. The size, location and typography are your responsibility and the only advice we can give you in this regard is to let yourself be guided by your desires and your tastes.

 foot tattoos can be used to write a quote from an artist or a famous person who has left an impression on you. It is a way of always having the essence of something that is meaningful to you. You can get tattooed either in French or choose another language like English, Spanish and even Chinese! You can also decide to get a tattoo of a phrase from a friend or family member that is particularly important to you or to both of you! On the other hand, it is also possible that you want to get a tattoo on the foot that you have thought of yourself so that this tattoo is completely yours.

In the end, the importance lies in the fact that this sentence has an important meaning for you so, we will leave you with this last tip: choose the adequate sentence

Small foot tattoos for women

The best area of ​​the foot that a large tattoo can be tattooed on is on what is called the forefoot. However, if you want to get a small tattoo,you can choose the part of the end that you like the most. A small, inconspicuous tattoo on the foot can be really cool! This tattoo is like a kind of subtle mark that brings some personality to our look . This is one of the best options for people who want to tattoo something small, personal, and meaningful.

Tattoo for women on the foot: stars

Tattoos for women on the foot in the shape of stars are very fashionable. The stars have several meanings that any woman can appropriate: the memory of a loved one who will always shine on our skin, a goal achieved etc … For thousands of years, the stars have always had a strong symbolism and they really fit perfectly on our skin. In addition to all this, we have the choice of getting one or more stars tattooed, making stars of different shapes, playing with the size and where we will get tattooed.

Keep in mind that star tattoos are all the rage so think carefully before getting a star style tattoo as this trend may come to an end while your tattoo will last a lifetime. Some stars like Rihanna or Gisele Bundchen got star tattoos!

Ankle foot tattoos for women

When it comes time to get a tattoo, you can also take advantage of the free zone located at the ankle. Ankle tattoos for women have the advantage of having a really sultry side and in the summer when you put on sandals, ankle tattoos are really classy! Choosing the right ankle tattoo will be much easier if you look at different designs so you know what an ankle tattoo will look like. In the rest of this article, we offer some suggestions:

A small plane. Getting an airplane tattoo on your ankle could symbolize your traveling soul, your desire to discover new cultures and surround yourself with new people, your desire not to stay in one place all your life and to always evolve.

A feather. This is one of the most used tattoo ideas … Feathers can symbolize freedom or your relationship with the spiritual world, among others. In this article, we tell you more about feather tattoos.

Leaves. Getting a leaf tattoo on the ankle can be a good option if you want to remember a past event that you have successfully overcome. Brown leaves symbolize the arrival of autumn, a period during which the leaves of the trees change to make room for new arrivals. So, if you have been through a rough time and came out unscathed, left a rough patch behind, or taken on a new stage in your life , this foot tattoo can be a really good option for you!

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