Boku no Pico: what you should know about this Anime

Boku no Pico

Boku no pico is an anime comprised of 3 ova which is about a boy named Pico who arrives for the holidays in his grandfather’s city and works with him. Grandpa introduces him to a knowledgeable person from the city, a trusted friend of his called Tamotsu. This lover of peak feminine qualities convinces him to have sex with him, believing that she was a girl.

Even so, having realized that she was not a girl, Tamotsu continued with his plan of seduction with a beak and he managed to have sexual relations with him on different occasions. Boku no pico is an anime that tells of a homosexual relationship between a 12-year-old boy and a middle-aged man.

In this story, a young teenager who, shocked by the pleasure caused by living his first sexual experiences, allows himself to be guided by this older man named Tamatsu. Which even manages to convince him that she should dress as a girl. It should be noted that at no time in boku no pico even in relation to this against this type of activity. It can be said that it is an anime that promotes the relationship between minors and elderly people.

boku no pico first ova

The history of boku no pico can be found in three different episodes . One of them that tells the story of pico with tamatsu what is the first ova, the second pico to chico that tells the story of two underage teenagers in love called pico and chico. Finally, the third ova pico x coco x chico is the one that tells the story of the boy, pico and coco, who would be another child included in the story who is introduced by them to having sexual relations.

In the first ova he tells the story of how Tamatsu enters a bar and meets a girl with yellow hair and green eyes. Dressed in an apron to which he invites her to eat an ice cream, in the car the pervert convinces the girl to kiss him and have sex with hers. Once she manages to convince him before starting the sexual act, he realizes that the girl turns out to be a boy.

In view of this, there is no tamatsu in boku no pico, he has oral and anal sex with the child. Later, she convinces the boy to accompany him on different occasions to eat ice cream or to go to his house, on each of these occasions she convinces him to have sexual relations with him. At tamatsu’s house he even bought her a woman’s suit so she could put it on with the intention of giving her pleasure.

The end of the first OVA

The story culminates with Pico and Tamatsu having sex at her house. Convincing him that the two of them were the love of his life, although the end of tamatsu with a beak is not clear. It seems that after this they never see each other again, there is also a theory because of the way the anime ended where it stung woke up that the whole story had imagined it peak.

But there is no evidence after this in the other ova for the existence of tamatsu for beak. Which gives us to understand that the relationship between the two ended with that last meeting. It should be noted that at all times, Tamatsu was concerned about what itched, I said to his representatives, being aware of what he was doing and what could harm his life.

Pico to chico the second ova of boku no pico

Boku no Pico

Chico is a brown-haired boy who meets Pico in sports activities and at school. While the boy did his activities such as running or swimming, at all times he looked like a cheerleader in a woman’s outfit. One day in a river they got to know while Chico is bathing in the river, from there begins a relationship between Chico and Pico that, as the story progresses, would end in a gay sexual relationship.

Chico in boku no pico is a boy even younger than pico but with masculine qualities than him, so picó takes the role of a woman in most cases. This time it is Pico who introduces the boy to having sex with him.

The sexual history between the two of them begins when Chico invites Pico to come to his house, he is even welcomed by Chico’s parents. On the terrace of her house, they found a hole where they could see into her sister’s room, and she was masturbating there. Chico, without understanding much of the situation, shows Pico the secret of his sister and Pico takes advantage of the moment to convince Chico to try to do what his sister is doing.

The story of boy with beak

The story continues with a process of continual experimentation on Chico’s sexuality. Where, hypnotized by pleasure, the boy wants to peak continuously so that it helps him experiment with his sexuality. They went out together by bicycle and on different occasions they found themselves alone, which they take advantage of to have sexual relations.

That way pico and chico experienced every form of sexual intercourse they could think of. In a story that seems not to be linked at all with love between the peaks, although it dominated in the relationship, it had a more feminine role, although for the interest of experimenting as a boy on different occasions they changed roles.

The end of peak to boy

The end of pico to Chico is less enigmatic than that of his previous ova. On this occasion it is clear that the relationship between boy and beak is real. By the end of the story, the boy convinces Pico that he is the woman this time. For this reason she dresses up as a woman in a maid outfit and while she has sex Chico’s sister listens to them AND she masturbates outside the room

Once this sexual act is over, the story ends with the farewell between Pico and Chico. Which seems like they are going to remain friends and in the next ova it is shown how the story of Boku No Chico continues but this time they would meet a new friend.

The role of the boy’s sister

In an indirect way, pico to chico shows us the influence that the actions of adults have on children. Since the sister would become the reason for sexual experimentation between boy and peak. It is with a collection of sex suits and sex toys which the two children used without authorization for the simple fact of wanting to do what their sister does.

Although it is noted that Peak’s actions were much more perverse and he was aware of the situation. The fact that the boy agreed to this was for the reason that he believed the actions that his sister was doing were good and also hypnotized by the pleasure that peak caused him, he did not hold back from doing it.

In a slightly twisted way, the creators of boku one boy did not really know if that was their intention. They demonstrated how influential What the elders are on children and the importance of teaching them about what to do right and what to do wrong. Since at all times both boy and beak believed that what they were doing was correct and good. And even on some occasions they never understood what it meant to be seen because they did it in public places.

Pico x coco x boy in Boku no pico

Coco is a boy introduced in the Boku No Chico story in its third ova. He believes from his behavior that he has a beak and a boy that these are brothers. I never suspected that the two of them had a sexual relationship. Coco, in addition to the well-known characters, also had a taste for feminine clothes and was another boy with that tendency. the fact, just as it happened with the story of Pico, it seemed that the story was about a woman.

In the end we realize that coco is also a boy who pretends to be a woman. In this case, Coco is an older boy who was already experimenting with masturbating alone and was discovered by Pico and Chico while he was doing it. Which they took advantage of to introduce him to their sentimental relationship.

We can say that Coco also had better economic conditions since her house had better toys and rooms. The main attraction that had boy and peak to go to the coconut house was to play with him. That would later become a gay relationship between three minors.

Pico the wicked in boku no pico

As in his previous one, the leading role will be peak. Which convinces Coco to have sex with him and although this story was complicated for both Pico and Chico.they ended up reaching their goal and convincing Coco to join in the open relationship with them.

Although pico thought that coco was a woman. the reason that it was a man helped him further with his plan to convince him. In the end they managed to have a relationship between the three in which they gave each other pleasure.

It should be noted that the confusion and problems that Pico had with coconut were not due to the fact that he did not want to have relations with them. But he knew you more about the implications that their relationship caused and he had a lot of confusion about whether what he was doing was right or wrong. But the reality is that coco was always willing and liked pico.

boku no pico ending

With this last episode the story of The Three Friends will close. Especially peak although the story remains open for more chapters to be made so far we have not seen more about the story of these three friends. It seems that they will continue to be friends since they ended up as an open relationship of 3 in the last episode.

Although it is believed that there will not be another extension or chapter of boku no pico. This story of gay sexuality among minors comes to an end with this latest ova. We can say that the story is a bit confusing, due to the fact that parents allowed their children to openly consider themselves women and Knowing this because they dressed as women at all times.

Even on some occasions where we could see a representative of boku no pico. They were dressed as women implying that even adults were in agreement with the behavior of these three silly children.

Critical analysis of Boku no pico

We can safely say that boku no pico is an anime that promotes sexual activity with minors. In addition to promoting irregular sexual activities such as transsexuals and transvestites. In addition to other activities not typical of children and without giving any remorse or teaching to avoid this situation. Quite the contrary, it promotes that this type of act occurs in the world.

It is an anime that we can see in many pornographic internet pages, and by simply censoring the private parts of children, they can tell what content is allowed. However, it is content that promotes the rape of minors and sex between minors. Justifying it thanks to the pleasure caused by the characters. Implying that the only purpose of the characters is pleasure and leading to understand thanks to the very plot of the story that if the characters are satisfied the situation is correct and acceptable. But at the end of the day, boku no pico is an anime created by a person who wants to promote sex with minors, justifying himself by the fact that they supposedly give children pleasure.

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