How to do a barrel roll on a jet ski

Many types of freestyle tricks can be done on the water when riding a jet ski. A trick that can take a lot of practice for you to perfect is called a barrel roll. When this trick is executed correctly, you will flip over in the water while maintaining control of the machine. To do this you need to practice in water that is free of people, boats and other water sports equipment.


Create a wake by driving the jet ski on the water. The head in the wake you created from the right goes to the left. Make a slight arc to the right.

Give full throttle to the jet ski and turn the handlebars hard to the left. Throw your shoulders left as the jet ski begins to roll up the face of the wake.

Pull left on the handle pole and the jet ski should spin counterclockwise around you in the water.

Tips and Warnings

  1. Apply too little throttle and you’ll go upside down in the water.
  2. If you don’t move your shoulders enough you’re going to eat the water too

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