Criminal Force and Assault: Everything Important You Should Know About

Criminals and crimes go hand in hand. No matter where you go, the place is not hundred percent safe. Even if you are on your guard, incidents can happen anytime. However, if you have faced such situations in your life and are looking for more information to stay alert and take the right actions like contacting a lawyer if it ever happens, you need to know more about criminal force and assault. 

Types of criminal force and assault

1. Criminal force– This happens when a person uses force on another without the person’s consent, with prior intention, or with the wish to commit an offense that could harm the other person in annoyance, fear, or injury. 

2. Force– when a person changes their motion and that causes the motion change of another person or brings an object to hurt another person that can affect them physically or mentally. The force has to be connected with the human body. 

3. Consent- If there’s consent from the other person when the opposite person is using force, it will not be counted as a criminal force. 

4. Assault– When someone makes a gesture to another person to hurt them and the victim is going to stop the gesture, it’s an assault. Just words will not count as an assault, there has to be preparation, expressions, or certain gestures, only that will count as an assault. 

If you become a victim of any of these incidents, you need to contact a fort bend county criminal lawyer. The professional advocate will help you punish the criminal in lawful ways. 

Acts of offending the decency of a woman

Some specific actions can offend the decency and modesty of a woman. If anyone insults the decency of a woman, makes an obscene gesture, or utters some offensive words, or words that can insult any woman, this is lawfully punishable in the form of imprisonment for a year or the criminal has to pay a fine or both. If you become the victim of such an incident, you can always contact a fort bend assault attorney. A professional lawyer will help you get the right solution. 

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can be from these acts if anyone makes sexually colored remarks to a woman, displays porno against the woman’s desire, if a person requests or demands sexual favors, physical advances, or contact that includes specific and unwelcome sexual gestures. 

If a person is charged with any of these assaults against any woman, they can be punished in the form of a fine, imprisonment, or both in some cases. 

If anyone has assaulted you or made some vulgar gestures around you, you can always take it to court and have the help of a sugar land assault lawyer. A professional advocate will help you solve the problem, and they will make sure to punish the criminal in the best and most lawful ways. 


Criminal offenses are very common these days. Criminals do not fear committing offenses even in the broad daylight. However, if you witness such a thing or the incident happens to you, you can always contact a professional lawyer to punish the criminals. 

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