Gladioli: tips for staggering their flowering?

Gladioli offer beautiful blooms, thanks to their upright stems and the diversity of their colors. These plants measure from 0.80 to 1.60 meters in height. Their flowers are grouped in a vertical spike. Each floret is very close to the next and opens from bottom to top. Hybrids thus give up to 20 flowers and more, of various colors, except blue, sometimes even multicolored.

Gladiolus blooms between July and September. But its short duration constitutes a certain handicap. How can you avoid this inconvenience and take advantage of flower beds that last longer?

Some tips to practice

Spread out the planting of your bulbs , called “corms”. If you started planting at the beginning of April, you can intervene two or three more times in June. Intervene in this way between your feet already in place, so as to obtain a bed always well supplied with flowers .

Gladiolus likes full sun and light, sandy soil, but it grows very well in any garden soil enriched with potting soil and peat. Attention,  manure is to be avoided for such a culture because it promotes the rotting of the bulbs! Stake your feet systematically.

Before winter , it will be necessary to recover your corms, in order to protect them from the cold. This will require waiting until the flower stalks have completely withered . You will then cut each stem with the pruner and leavez, on each bulb, a part of stem of a dozen centimeters. You can then bring your plants in the shelter of your attic, in hanging nets.

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