How do shower glass cleaner?

Everyone knows is shower glass cleaner: white deposits on your beautiful glass shower wall or shower cubicle . This white deposit occurs because the water that remains dries up. The lime present in the water remains behind on the glass. Fortunately, we have a practical step-by-step plan.

Step-by-step plan for shower glass cleaner

  1. Open the bathroom window. The smells of cleaning products can be harmful to your health, especially if you use a bathroom cleaner or anti-scale agent.
  2. Rinse the inside of the shower wall or shower cubicle with warm water
  3. Wet the outside with a damp cloth
  4. Spray the inside and outside of the glass with vinegar soap and let it soak for 30 minutes
  5. Clean the shower wall with a damp cloth. Work from top to bottom and rinse the cloth regularly. Then dry the outside of the shower wall as well.

Clean your shower wall with cleaning

Cleaning vinegar is an excellent and safe way to remove limescale. Mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water. It is useful to do this in a plant sprayer / spray bottle and use it to spray the glass. You can take it off after 30 minutes.

Worker cleans the Windows with spray in the house .

How can I prevent limescale?

Tired of taking a shower? Do not dry yourself immediately, but first remove as much water as possible from the shower wall with a squeegee. Then go over it again with a towel. By making the shower wall dry immediately, no water remains behind and therefore no limescale. Not a fun job to do every time, but it saves cleaning work! Another tip: let your bathroom air out after every shower. This prevents deposits such as mold in the joints.

The extra touch: making the shower wall shine

A nice clean shower enclosure is already nice, but it can be even nicer. By applying an extra layer to the shower wall, it will really shine! For this you can use, for example, glass rinse aid for the dishwasher or car shampoo. Water that comes on it doesn’t get stuck, but slides straight down. Note: do not use abrasives, so that the glass is not damaged.

Buy a shower enclosure with an anti-limescale coating

The AA Glass shower walls can be equipped with a special type of finish that repels lime, so that your shower wall is easy to keep clean. Please see our shower enclosure product page for more information.

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