How Is Bathroom Renovation Done In Systematic Manner

Bathroom renovation and remodeling can make your home more featured and useful while enhancing comfort and aesthetics. While bathrooms are small when compared to the other home areas, their innovation, and remodeling can be complex. A bathroom renovation project must be accomplished through careful planning and in a step-by-step and systematic manner to prevent wastages and deadline failures. The renovation work has many distinct stages including protecting the adjacent spaces, demolition, plumbing, tiling, and others to ensure that your bathroom delivers long-term value. Below are the important steps of bathroom renovation done in a systematic and stepwise manner.

Layout Planning

Layout planning can ensure that space can be utilized to the maximum extent and that a blueprint exists to make the work easy and hassle-free. Layout planning will divide the bathroom into dry and wet zones. It determines the positioning of various accessories and features of a bathroom, including sanitaryware and bathroom fixtures, storage, and circulation space, among others. The planning also includes positioning the electrical systems (such as exhaust fans, switchboards, and geysers among others). The drawings depicting layouts are also useful for tile selection.


For all the major bathroom renovation projects, the existing sanitaryware, plumbing lines, sanitary fixtures tiles, and electric wiring are removed. People may also choose to reuse some of these bathroom fixtures and accessories and such items may be reinstalled later. Expert bathroom remodel contractors OKC will also check for any adverse mildew/mold growth and do the cleaning and repairs beforehand. However, demolition also releases dirt and dust into the house.

Installation of Plumbing Networks

Plumbing services are at the core of a bathroom renovation and remodeling project. Plumbers must fix and repair all the plumbing lines or change the course of a network to accommodate the new position of sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures. Pipes (for inflow/outflow of water) are required for the showers, toilets, commodes, sinks, and tubs. While certain simple tasks may not require professional services, experts are required for complex tasks such as removing a bathing tub and installing a new shower. Walls must also be ripped in certain home remodeling projects for fixing or moving the pipes. Such tasks cannot be accomplished without an expert plumber.

Installation of Electrical Wiring

Bathrooms today accommodate many electrical appliances and gadgets including geysers. Switchboards are also established for the switchgear and the power plugs. The electricians will have to set up the positions of electrical wiring and switchgear for the alcove lights, ceiling lights, exhaust fans, shaving points, mirror lights, geysers, and switchboards.

Setting Up the Countertop

Countertops make for important components of a bathroom. They should be cut and installed following their proposed design. The countertops for the bathroom include those made with materials such as engineered quartz, marble, granite, and solid surfaces. The shower cubical and the bathtub are also installed now for your bathroom remodeling project.

Installation of the Tiles on Ceilings and Walls

Installation of tiles ensures that your wall bathroom walls and ceilings can repulse moisture and always look beautiful. Once the wall and the skirting tiles have been installed, the floor tiles are placed. However, the plumber should ensure that there is a proper slope, and drainage is not an issue later. The process of grouting in the aftermath ensures that all the joints of the tiles are well sealed. If any fabrication (of the bathroom cabinets) is required, the carpenters may have to install them at this point. The walls may also require painting, in cases where a tile surface is not installed.

Installation of Electrical and Sanitary Systems

A bathroom may have a plethora of electrical features including exhaust fans, lights, geysers, and switchboards. These appliances/fixtures are installed now near the completion and end stage of the bathroom remodel project. The plumbers install the sanitary fixtures and sanitary ware as well (such as the commode, overhead showers, hand showers, and the sink). If there are any accessories required (such as toilet paper holders, soap trays, soap dispensers, etc.), they are installed subsequently.


The projects for bathroom remodel OKC can be complex and demanding. You should reach out to the expert and leading plumbing and bathroom remodeling service providers to find out the cost and the time required for having a bathroom of wish and aesthetic requirements.

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