How To Wrap Furniture For Moving And Storage?

You may be quite excited about moving to your next place and home. However, it is also important to move your furniture in a well-protected way to ensure complete peace of mind during relocation and moving. Furniture is a sensitive material and requires care and attention to ensure that it is not spoiled during storage and moving. A proficient and expert Duncan moving and storage service company can help you move and store your furniture in a safe and hassle-free way. However, you can also make use of the below-given tips and information to ensure the long life of your furniture.

Dissemble the Large Furniture Items

You may not find it easy to move the large furniture items including the four-door wardrobes and the dressers, as they do not fit easily through the doors or around corners. However, such large furniture items can be disassembled and moved easily. Take a few images of the items before you disassemble them so that their reassembly becomes easy. You can also take pictures of the different steps of the disassembly process for recall in case you need it.For those looking for a reliable and efficient way to transport their carefully wrapped and protected furniture, Shiply offers a comprehensive large-item delivery service that ensures your belongings are moved safely to your new home.

Wrap and Cover the Furniture

The furniture can be protected by wrapping it with “transit blankets”, also called “furniture blankets”. These moving blankets can be an effective solution to ensure that your furniture is not spoiled during storage and moving. The transit blankets can cover the sideboards, dressers, chairs, tables, and other kinds of furniture easily and ensure that pleasant scratches do not occur during transit.

The mattress covers are available in large sizes for specifically covering, storing, and moving the king, queen, or full-size beds. These items can protect the mattresses against water, dirt, and other kinds of harmful environmental elements and ensure that your bed mattresses can be transferred without a scratch to any new home and location.

Protecting the Dishes

Many of the home items including the dishes, glassware, and China are quite fragile and require added protection during moving. Such items can be protected by using foam padding sheets. The foam pads are an affordable option for wrapping and storage and are easily available at nearby home improvement shops.

Avoid Using Tape/Bubble Wrap Only

While the tapes and bubble wraps can protect the furniture from scratches, they may trap environmental moisture and spoil the furniture. Therefore, ensure that you are not merely using bubble wrap/tape while storing or moving your furniture. However, they can be an additional protection layer for your furniture that can be used along with the moving blankets.

Use the Moving Boxes

Superior quality boxes for relocation and moving are available at affordable cost and can be used for packing and moving items during relocation. The old cardboard boxes may collapse easily and therefore should be avoided. The moving boxes can be used for packing and moving certain sections and furniture items that could not be packed in other ways. However, ensure that all kinds of furniture with storage (such as drawers) are emptied before it is packed and moved.

Use of Plastic Sheets

When you are storing and keeping your furniture in a storage unit, it is important that you cover the storage unit with a plastic sheet. The additional layer of protection in the form of a plastic sheet will ensure that moisture does not affect the furniture items during storage. The best option here can be a storage unit with climate-control features.

Movers in Oklahoma City can help you move all your household items and belongings in a safe and effective way. They also have the latest resources to ensure that all kinds of items (including fragile/delicate and moisture-prone items such as furniture) can be transferred in a hassle-free way with the utmost protection. Talk to a few moving services and obtain price quotes for choosing the most affordable and reliable option.

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