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Internationally, Australia has a strong reputation for innovation, practicality, and peace. Everyone can live, work, and grow in this young, vibrant, and friendly country. Australia is an ideal destination for those seeking an improved lifestyle and a prosperous future as permanent residents.

Job Ready Program is open to overseas graduates who have earned a degree from a Registered Training Organization (RTO). CRICOS accreditation is required for RTOs to deliver training abroad.sss

Job Ready Program Australia

It is a Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) program to evaluate an international student’s abilities and skills in an Australian workplace.

It is frequently used for those unable to complete their skills evaluation for general skilled migration objectives and who wish to live in Australia permanently.

Job Ready Program- Steps

The JRP consists of four steps to assess international graduates’ migration skills to Australia.

Four main steps apply to the Job Ready Program are

STEP 1: Provisional Skill Assessment

Applicants must have the following qualifications for PSA:

  • Studying in Australia on a student visa
  • Relevant TRA-accredited qualification from CRICOS
  • Give proof of 360 hours of employment or training performed in a workplace in Australia within 3 years before submitting your application.

Your PSA Outcome can be used to apply for a Temporary Graduate 485 visa from the Home Affairs Department.

To apply for the next steps of the JRP, you must receive a positive PSA result.

STEP 2: Job Ready Employment

In the Australian workplace, JRE enables you to obtain experience in your relevant nominated field.

The following are the requirements for JRE eligibility:

  • A successful PSA outcome has been received
  • If you normally hold a 485 visa or have applied for one (TRA may make exceptions to this rule)
  • Have secured employment eligibility
  • Your student visa expires within four months

After you start your JRE, you must work 1725 hours in an approved Australian workplace in 12 months.

A Job Ready Journal and evidence of your payment will be necessary for this job.

STEP 3: Job Ready Workplace Assessment

The job ready workplace assessment aims to determine whether you are capable of performing your nominated job at the required skill level in an Australian workplace.

You are evaluated for the actions listed in your Employment Verification Reports, Quarterly Progress Reports, and any other monthly reports you submit throughout the JRWA.

JRWA requires the following information:

  • Evidence that you have been paid for a minimum of 863 hours over the past six months by your employer
  • A Job Ready Journal covering 6 months of employment approved by TRA is required.

STEP 4: Job Ready Final Assessment

This is the final step in the JRP process. You can use a successful JRFA outcome to apply for a PR visa (Subclass 190, 189, or 491) under General Skilled Migration.

If you are interested in a JRFA, you must have the given qualifications:

  • Provisional Skills Assessment success (step 1)
  • Successful outcome of job-ready employment (step 2)
  • Successful Job Ready Workplace Assessment (Step 3)

Provide TRA with the following information:

  • Evidence proving that you were paid by your employer for at least 1725 hours over at least 12 months (excluding paid leave).
  • Employment verification reports, quarterly progress reports, and reports covering the previous six months of employment.

Requirements for the Job Ready Program

To qualify for the JRP, you must:

  • Had a trade qualification completed in Australia
  • Studied a subject that covered a profession with a Medium to Long-Term Strategic Skills List occupation (MLTSSL)
  • 360 hours of practical experience or training in a field related to your employment in Australia
  • Trade Recognition Australia as a skilled assessor of your profession.
  • Must be qualified to get a 485 Temporary Graduate Visa.

Benefits of the Job Ready Program

A job ready program can offer you several benefits, such as

  • You get an opportunity to enhance your abilities.
  • You get work experience at the Australian Workplace.
  • JR only requires 1 year of work experience, whereas 3 years of work experience is required for the TRA.
  • You get a positive Skills Assessment from TRA for any PR application.
  • For skill assessment, you need 9 months of work experience if you have three months already.
  • Positive skill assessment reduces the time needed to obtain a license for numerous vocations.
  • You can file for your PR or employer-sponsored visa when the skill assessment is successful.

Job Ready Program changes starting July 1, 2022.

JRP applications must follow the three-step procedure as of July 1, 2022, in order to be taken into account. By selecting the JRP Eligibility and Registration option, you may complete this quickly.

Things to know

  • You will continue to be ineligible for a PSA if you have not started one by July 1, 2022. After July 1st, you must follow the new JRP procedure.
  • On the other hand, if your PSA application was submitted before July 1, 2022, it will be processed without any problems. The results of your PSA will thereafter be accessible.
  • You won’t experience any delays in your JRP process if you get your PSA test before July 1, 2022.


Job Ready Program is a job skills evaluation program for international graduates with an Australian degree. Before applying to the Home Affairs Department for a skills migration visa, the JRP gives applicants the chance to refine their abilities and obtain work experience in an Australian workplace.

If you were an international student who studied in Australia and earned Australian degrees, you might be qualified to participate in the Job Ready Program.

If you want to apply and find out more regarding this program, contact us at The Migration.

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