Kentucky Fried Chicken Filling

Recipe Kentucky Chicken Filling is Ready In About  45 Minutes And Definitely Excellent Options for Gluten Free and Vegan Southern Food Lovers. This recipe provides 8. This side dish has 149 calories, 1 g of protein, and 0 g of fat per serving. For 40 cents per serving, this recipe covers 3% for your daily requirements for vitamins and minerals. One person tried it and liked this recipe. If you have oranges, sugar, raisins, and some other ingredients in your hands, you can make it. It will be brought to you by Allrecipes. Overall, this recipe earns a not very good spoon score 20%. If you like this recipe, you might also like the following recipe Makeup Fruit Pie Assortment, Delicious Cream Filling And fruit dips! , And Pavlova Fruit Custard Filling.

Recommended wines: Riesling, sparkling wine, Zinfandel

Riesling, sparkling wine and Zinfandel are great choices for the South. In general, there are some rules that can help you pair wine with southern food. Food-friendly Riesling and sparkling wines work well with many fried foods, but Zinfandel is great for barbecue dishes. You can try jJPrum  Graacher Himmelreich  Spatlese Riesling. Reviewers like it very much with a 5 star rating out of 4.2 and a price of about $ 56 per bottle

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