Best and unique Lip piercing

The latest fashion shows seem to have only one objective: to enhance our lip piercing . With jewels to stick or to clip, the mouth shines with a thousand lights. Good news after having had to keep a low profile for many months. Welcome to the era of the lip!

Pull out the lip balm, it’s (once and for all) official: the mouth is back. And we’re not just talking about the end of the indoor mask on March 14 (although this explains it) but rather a new obsession made in Fashion Week . On the catwalks, two Parisian beauty looks caught our attention. First stop at Koché where make-up is all about lips that are, to say the least…sparkling! These are found dressed in rhinestones like large stickers. A make-up halfway between a childhood diary and a Paris Hilton-style rhinestone laptop, already promoted to a bright future among the less chilly beautystas. Then, during his always-event show,Olivier Rousteing offers him a new jewel to add immediately to his armada of Balmain bling : the lip ring. Like a large nut, the ring adorns the lower lip with a futuristic-looking metallic touch. The latest fashion shows are unanimous: to be stylish, you have to bet everything on the mouth.

The great return of the mouth

Such a fascination for the mouth is not very complicated to understand. It’s just a fair return after having to hide the whole lower part of her face for many months (we don’t want to count so as not to get depressed). The pandemic and the need to go out masked had then made the eyes the focal point of makeup. Liner, mascara and other colored eyelashes (yes yes) were then legion. While, little by little, the lips are invited to discover themselves, it is not surprising that they find themselves celebrated. For that, of course, there is the lipstick ! But the latter quickly found himself overwhelmed by much more extreme extravagances… and much more fun!

Customize your mouth

The lip ring  is one of them. If Balmain draws it for next fall, Chanel had already done the same with its cruise collection last year, a punk tribute to the supermodel and muse of the sadly deceased house, Stella Tennant. If decorating your mouth with jewelry is a reflex that has been practiced for centuries in civilizations around the world, fashion likes to bring back the fake monogrammed piercing season after season.


As for rhinestones, if they are now on the lips , they have already been back for a few months… on the teeth! The good old gloss of canine , an eternal symbol of the early 2000s, is making a comeback and seducing the TikTok generation in grillz -inspired compositions that perhaps defy good taste but remind us that, now, when we smile with full teeth, this can be seen. Might as well celebrate by making our whole mouth shine!

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