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Are you a fan of old school wrestling? Do you know who Oje Edward Hart is? If not, then get ready for an exciting read! Oje Edward Hart, the son of Owen Hart, has been making waves in the world of wrestling with his old school techniques and moves. we will delve into the different types of wrestling and explore what it takes to win in old school wrestling. So sit back and get ready to learn some new tricks from one of the rising stars in the industry: Oje Edward Hart.

Who is Oje Edward Hart?

Oje Edward Hart is a rising star in the world of professional wrestling. He was born on March 5, 1995, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Oje’s father was none other than Owen Hart, who was a well-known wrestler himself and tragically died during a WWE pay-per-view event.
Following his father’s footsteps, Oje pursued a career in wrestling and began training at an early age. He has been making waves with his unique old school techniques that set him apart from other wrestlers.
Oje made his debut for Prairie Wrestling Alliance (PWA) in 2017 under the ring name “Omen.” Since then, he has wrestled for various promotions across Canada and the United States.
Apart from wrestling, Oje is also a fitness enthusiast who believes in living a healthy lifestyle. He often shares workout tips and routines on social media to inspire others to stay fit.
With time we can expect great things from this young talent as he continues to push boundaries with his innovative approach towards old school wrestling.

The Different Types of Wrestling

Wrestling is a dynamic and exciting sport that has evolved over time. Throughout the years, different wrestling styles have emerged, each with its own distinct techniques and rules.
One of the most popular forms of wrestling is freestyle wrestling. This type of wrestling allows for greater freedom in moves, making it an incredibly fast-paced and aggressive form of competition. Freestyle wrestlers often use throws or takedowns to score points against their opponents.
Another popular style of wrestling is Greco-Roman wrestling, which emphasizes upper body strength and focuses on throws and holds above the waistline only. Unlike freestyle, Greco-Roman prohibits leg attacks which makes it more challenging for competitors to execute their moves.
There’s also collegiate or folkstyle wrestling which features takedown heavy scoring system but differs from traditional free-style as they include mat work such as pinning your opponent’s shoulders down onto the mat while trying not to get pinned yourself.
Professional Wrestling is another form that tends to be more entertainment-focused than competitive focused wherein participants take part in staged matches where their outcome can be predetermined.
Each style brings something unique to the table – some require athleticism while others are more strategic – so there’s plenty to explore when it comes to exploring different types of professional combat sports!

What Moves to Use in Old School Wrestling?

In old school wrestling, the emphasis is on classic moves and technique rather than flashy maneuvers. Here are some of the moves you can use to excel in this style of wrestling.
The body slam is a staple in old school wrestling. It involves picking up your opponent and slamming them onto the mat with force. This move requires strength and proper form to execute effectively.
Another classic move is the suplex, where you lift your opponent over your head and throw them backwards onto their back. The key to a successful suplex is grabbing your opponent’s waist or legs tightly before lifting.
The sleeper hold was also commonly used in old school wrestling as a way to knock out an opponent by cutting off blood flow to their brain through a tight grip around their neck. However, it’s important to note that this move can be dangerous if not executed properly.
Submission holds like the figure-four leg lock or camel clutch were popular ways for wrestlers to make their opponents tap out in old school wrestling. These moves require skillful execution and can cause significant pain if applied correctly.
Mastering these classic moves will give you an edge in old school wrestling competitions while also paying homage to its rich history.

How to Win in Old School Wrestling

Old School Wrestling is not just about strength and agility, it’s also about strategy. Here are some tips on how to win in this classic form of wrestling:
Firstly, you need to know your opponent’s weaknesses. Study their moves and anticipate their next move so that you can counter it easily.
Another important thing is endurance. Old School Wrestling matches can go on for hours, so you need to have the stamina to keep going until the end.
One great way to gain an advantage over your opponent is by using leverage techniques. These include holds and locks that use your body weight against theirs, making them easier to pin down.
Timing is also crucial in Old School Wrestling. You need to know when to strike and when to wait for the right moment.
Never underestimate the power of mental toughness. Stay focused throughout the match and don’t let distractions or setbacks throw you off your game.
By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way towards winning in Old School Wrestling!

Alternatives to Old School Wrestling

While old school wrestling may be a beloved activity for many, it’s not necessarily the only option out there. If you’re looking for something similar but with a few differences, there are alternatives that might pique your interest.
One such alternative is freestyle wrestling. This type of wrestling still involves grappling and takedowns like old school wrestling does, but allows for more acrobatic moves as well. It also has different rules regarding scoring and techniques allowed.
Another option is Greco-Roman wrestling which prohibits holds below the waist unlike in old school wrestling. In this version of the sport, you’ll need to rely on upper body strength and throws rather than leg-based moves.
For those who want to avoid physical contact altogether, amateur or collegiate level sports like track and field or swimming can offer an exciting competition experience without any roughhousing involved.
No matter what your interests are though, there’s sure to be a sport out there that will scratch your competitive itch!


To sum it up, Oje Edward Hart may not have followed in his father’s footsteps with regards to professional wrestling, but he has certainly shown that he can make a name for himself outside of the ring. Old school wrestling is just one of many types of wrestling out there, but it remains a popular style amongst fans who appreciate its simplicity and focus on storytelling.
Whether you’re a fan or aspiring wrestler yourself, it’s important to understand the different styles and moves involved in old school wrestling if you want to succeed. It takes skill and practice to master the art of grappling without relying on flashy acrobatics or high-flying maneuvers.
But perhaps most importantly, old school wrestlers must possess charisma and showmanship – qualities that Oje Edward Hart undoubtedly inherited from his legendary father Owen. With hard work, dedication, and natural talent like this at their disposal, there’s no telling where this young star will go next!

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