Pop Sockets  accessories: gadget or tool?

Pop Sockets  , rings , origami cards: you must have come across them on the street or in transport, these growths glued to the back of smartphones supposed to help grip the object that we have H24 in our hand.

Pop Sockets  is one of the brands that manufacture these accessories and it’s probably the best known on the market (thanks to the ad campaigns on Instagram and Youtube in particular). We therefore asked the brand to look into its products and received classic and premium Pop Sockets , a Pop wallet and a car holder.


The most common PopSocket are these small round growths that you can stick to the smartphone or on a shell (the manufacturer recommends hard plastic shells, not leather , silicone even if a dedicated accessory exists, the PopGrip Slide) or a skin (like those in Rhinoshield ). The sticky part can come off and reattach “at will” but I still advise you not to abuse it. If you change shells regularly, the bases are solve for €4 each and available, like everything else, in a multitude of colors: so don’t hesitate to take several that you will stick on the shells to change only the PopGrip, the part that unfolds and that you can customize as you wish.

These PopGrips exist, as I told you, in a multitude of colors (you can even create your own from A to Z) and even materials, plastic or metal for the Premium ones. The Death Star , the blue and the constellation are Premium versions, in aluminum, very pleasant to the touch. the Compass Rose and the faux leather as well as the plain black on the special edition Otterbox case are made of plastic, with the advantage of being lighter (even if we’re not going to lie to each other, it doesn’t really show ultimately on the smartphone).

Finally, we also receive the car holder and a Pop wallet , which sticks like the PopGrips to the smartphone and can also be detach to become a real separate compact card holder


Whether in simple PopGrip or with the Pop wallet , the comfort provided for using the smartphone with one hand is undeniable.

Whether on a small smartphone or a more massive one, you won’t let your phone slip away while walking or even better, while looking at your screen in bed (raise your hand if you’ve already broken your nose or gouged out an eye in because of a phone slipping out of hand…).

A big positive point also: the possibility of using the PopGrip as a “foot” to view content on your smartphone placed on a table.

Pop Sockets

The Pop wallet is a very basic card holder but has the merit of being able to be detach and reattach at will and also being able to receive a little customization by changing the PopGrip on it.

As for the car support , it is simply perfect, it is the most effective of all those that I have been able to use! You fold the PopGrip and slide it into the support, horizontally, vertically, at an angle, everything works without the need for two hands to open a clamp or other.

If you are ready to face the derogatory looks and comments from your loved ones (I see you ArNO) on the fact that this is it, you have finally accepted your (supposedly pejorative) influencer label and if the 5 10mm more on the back of your phone don’t scare you, go for it. Better grip, originality, fewer falls, use of even a very large smartphone with one hand, there are only advantages to PopGrip. And if you don’t want to stick the Death Star or Baby Yoda on your smartphone every day, no problem, there’s a PopGrip for every circumstance.

PS: the links in the article are Amazon affiliate links but to see the entire collection nothing beats the official site where you can not only make your own custom PopGrip but also find more original PopGrips (such as the one with an integrated mirror , the one that holds the AirPods or the one in Malachite at 90€…).

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