How to wash a car in a self-service car wash

The car needs maintenance. Timely repair, maintenance and cleanliness of the interior and exterior are key to the long-term operation of the vehicle. Washing is not a cheap business today, and therefore self-service car washes are becoming more and more common. Not knowing how to deal with this, many motorists still spend significant amounts at well-known stations to give their vehicles an attractive appearance.

What is a self-service car wash?

A self-service car wash is a kind of box in which a special device is installed that releases liquids under strong pressure. Depending on the regime, such a liquid can be water under different pressures, combined with foam, or wax can be supplied. All this, of course, is useful for the car, but how convenient it is to use such a service in the winter, and whether they are convenient at all, everyone decides for himself.

Although at first glance everything is simple and straightforward: to get the result you need to use it correctly. But we will talk about that later.

The most important thing to wash your vehicle successfully is to carefully read the instructions at the entrance. Sinks differ from each other in services, but most of them offer a pre-wash, main wash, rinse, waxing and shine (drying). Some have the opportunity to wash the windows, but since there is very high pressure in this mode, you should not experiment and try it on the body, for example, because the paintwork will not say thank you.

Although washing is automatic, there may not be any options, e.g. B. Drying. Therefore, take some rags made of soft material that absorb moisture well and do not leave fibers, as well as a scraper (squeegee)

We fall into boxing

If you fall into a box, you will find a self-service machine inside. The modes are displayed on it. You will be prompted to choose the time you spend on service. If you are not greedy for the first time in such a sink, then take at least 20 minutes for reference, so to speak.

Here are some tips:

  1. If you use a car wash in the summer, allow the machine to cool slightly before beginning the process.
  2. On the first visit, don’t try to rush everything. Better take more time to study how the system works.
  3. Pay attention to the time displayed so that you can navigate how many times you still have the opportunity to use the program.
  4. For the first throw in the machine, 80 rubles is enough.
  5. You can switch between washing modes independently, exactly when you feel the need to do so.
  6. In doing so, you can deposit money when you find that time is running out and you haven’t had time to do everything you wanted.

It’s also good to pull out the mats first. You can also wash them in the box. There is enough time for that.

Stage number 1

It’s called pre-wash. She will be able to remove significant dirt and dust from your transport. If dirt, clay or sand sticks, you need to be extra careful in such places. This mode is characterized by low pressure. For effective dissolution, a special detergent is used, which is immediately supplied with a stream. Hold the gun at a distance of 25-30 cm from the surface.

The initial washing helps to turn the high-pressure apparatus, in other words the hose. But using it is not so easy, you have to get used to it. And note: self-service car washes don’t use hoses like in a professional car wash, they are much weaker here.

The result of this step:

  • Local body cleansing of dirt and clinging
  • Rinse the whole body
  • Flushing thresholds and cavities

Stage number 2

It has the name of a thorough wash or main line. Car shampoo and hot water are used here. Microgranulate shampoo and strong water pressure work as well as its high temperature. For a good result, you need to wash the machine on the side first, and then the front and back parts after the rest

Conventionally, this process is divided into two parts: applying car shampoo and lining under the foam. What you need to know:

  1. It is important to apply the foam evenly to all areas of the machine while avoiding blind spots. You have to start from the sides.
  2. The hose distance to the body must be between 25-35 cm.
  3. You must remember to put foam on mirrors, seams and other places that can become dust protection.

Useful advice! Do not immediately deposit a large amount, 50-80 rubles is enough for the first stage and applying shampoo. In any case, the car must be under the foam for at least three minutes, and preferably five minutes. That means you’re not paying for a simple machine. When there are still a few minutes left, you can rinse the mats.

Stage number 3

Rinse / wash thoroughly. You have to remove the cleaning agent. Different options are used depending on the season. If the street is warm, you can apply a thorough wash – this will rinse the body with hot water. If it is frosty, then such manipulation can damage the paint layer. Therefore, it is better to just rinse. Cold distilled water is used.

Stage Number 4

application of wax. However, do not rush to use this mode. First, check the quality of vehicle washing. A white rag worn in several places on the body is useful for this. If it stays clean, you can safely apply wax, if not, don’t rush. It is better to go through all the steps again.

Stage number 5

Drying In order for the machine to dry quickly and get extra shine, it is coated with a hose spray containing a special rinse aid and desiccant.

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