Septum Piercing: Pain, Healing, Types of Jewelry,

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The nose piercing is one of the most common piercings, after the ear piercing and the navel piercing.It is possible to perform different types of nose piercings. One is made in the small hollow on the side of the nostril, and the septum is pierced above the columella of the nose. In some parts of Asia (Nepal, Bengal), the septum piercing is part of the traditions. It then fulfills a social function. With us, it’s an unusual piercing, but tends to become quite popular.

As its name suggests, the septum piercing goes through the small columella located on the front of the nose. Pierced high enough, it has the advantage of being discreet. Especially if you choose rings adapted to your morphology for your septum. When necessary, with a horseshoe-type jewel, you can hide them by turning them inside the nose. Handy at work, right?

If you’re considering getting a septum piercing, you probably have a lot of questions in mind. How much pain will I feel for a septum piercing? Is the healing long? What types of jewelry can I use for my septum piercing? What are the hygiene rules to follow for painless healing in the nose?

To answer your questions and learn all about septum piercing, read on. Your future septum piercing will soon have no more secrets for you!

Septum piercing: where is the septum located?

You touch your septum when you pinch the thin area between the bottom of your nose and the cartilage.

This soft part is called the columella and represents the tissue through which a channel is created to perform the piercing.

It is the piercer himself who defines the sweet spot of your septum piercing.

Contrary to appearances, this piercing does not touch the cartilage of the nose.

Note that depending on your morphology, you may not have a columella. In this case, if you decide to proceed with the septum piercing anyway, you must pierce your cartilage. This causes much more intense pain.

Always check with the person doing your nose piercing first .

Septum piercing: how painful is the septum piercing?

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The pain of the septum piercing is quite low compared to any other piercing. But it is still more intense than a simple nostril piercing.

Keep in mind that the nose area to be pierced is soft. The septum piercing is a quick piercing to perform. The pain felt therefore passes quite quickly.

Always be sure to go through a trained professional for your septum piercing. He will determine the exact area for your septum piercing.

It is possible that he takes the time to define the point of your piercing by drawing an axis under your nose in order to have a perfect angle.

Indeed, this piercing is quite difficult to perform and requires a good piercing technique without pliers. It is important to make it high enough so that the jewel does not fall on your lip.

Septum piercing what are the hygiene and maintenance rules?:

Don’t touch your piercing

The young woman with a piercing on her tongue closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out.

You will regularly feel your septum piercing jewelry move. Rest assured, you will not normally feel any pain. The thing to keep in mind is that whatever piercing you have, try not to touch it.

Adjust your jewelry with the utmost care. Especially in the case of the septum pierc. By touching it, you create micro-lesions in the nose.

Ideally, only during care should you touch your septum piercing with washed and disinfected hands.

Disinfection no, cleaning yes

The advantage of the septum piercing is that it does not really require care. Disinfecting your septum piercing is not necessary, as it is located at the level of the lining of the nose.

Septum piercing: all about jewelry

What jewelry to choose for a septum piercing?

This type of nose piercing allows you to choose between different types of jewelry. The ring and the horseshoe are the most common for a septum pierc.

For the installation of the piercing, the professional tends to offer you a horseshoe as the first jewel, this one is easy to remove or insert, it is also possible to turn it upside down in your nose to make it “invisible” .

After healing, you can choose the jewelry you want. So you can be original!

Regarding the rings, a wide choice of jewelry for your septum is available to you, ranging from classic titanium or gold, to more “fancy” jewelry adorned with zircons, natural stones or opals, … By putting a jewel more classic your septum pierc will remain quite discreet although it is in the middle of your face, a more fancy jewel adorned with zircons for example, will attract more attention.

Which material to prefer for septum piercing jewelry?

To avoid infection and pain, it is important that you choose a good quality material for your septum pierc jewelry. These materials contribute to a better healing of the pierc. The process then takes place without any pain or complication.

14 K and 18 K gold as well as ASTM-F136 grade titanium are very good quality materials. They do not contain any nickel and can be used as jewelry for your septum piercing. Platinum is also a high quality material, however it has a high price and is difficult to find on the market.

We do not recommend piercing jewelry made of so-called “surgical” steel, as these contain nickel and can therefore cause allergies. It is difficult to differentiate between good and bad quality steel, with cheap jewelry you will often find yourself with a piece of jewelry that will not last long and which may cause you complications during healing.

What size jewelry for your septum piercing?

The question of the size of septum jewelry is quite common.

Note that having the right size jewelry for your septum piercing is essential. For your jewelry to fit your nose, trust your piercer. Thanks to him, you will find a ring neither too thin nor too small.

Septum piercing: after-piercing

How long for complete and painless healing?

Count at least six to eight weeks or more for the healing of your septum piercing. It usually takes three months for complete healing without pain.

Your septum piercings heals from the outside to the inside of the nose. This is why we recommend that you consult your piercer for a control visit so that he can judge the state of your healing.

When to change your septum jewelry?

Your piercer will let you know when the time comes when you can change jewelry in your septum piercings for the first time. To avoid any problem, it is advisable to wait for the end of the healing of your piercing.

In general, allow a period of one to two months before you can change your septum jewelry.

Changing your jewelry during the healing period only brings you complications. Bacteria can enter the nose piercing and you risk infection or irritation.

Is it possible to hide a septum piercing?

It happens that at certain times, certain piercing jewels must be concealed, in a workplace where piercings remain unwelcome for example. In the case of the septum pierc, you have two possibilities so that it does not show. If you have a horseshoe, just turn it inside the nose so that it becomes invisible.

On the other hand, if you have a ring, you will have to remove it. Be careful, perform this operation with clean hands and only when healing is complete.

Can the septum piercing refill?

It takes time for this type of piercing to fill up (six to eight months). During this time, your septum pierc remains discreet since it is located inside the nose and therefore cannot be seen.

Avoid septum piercing if…

The septum pierc sits in the middle of your nose, so septum jewelry tends to draw attention to any asymmetries in your nose or face. It all comes down to personal preference, but if your nose is complex for you, you might want to think about it carefully before getting your septum pierced. It is however possible to go see your piercer and see what the result could be by clipping a clicker ring at the level of your septum without having pierced.Think twice if you are someone who regularly needs to blow your nose. The septum piercing can be quite delicate in times of allergy (pollen, dust mites, etc.).

If you sneeze often, not only are you regularly touching your septum pierc, but it is also delaying the healing process.The septum pierc is a pierc with many clichés but however it is becoming more and more common and will become timeless.Nevertheless, it is recommended to check that your pierc remains clean.

You can clean it two to three times a day, with a saline solution applied to a compress by gently rubbing around your pierc.

If at any time you feel a bad odor at the level of the healing, it is because bacteria and dead cells are piling up there. In this case, gently dab your pierc with a compress soaked in saline solution again.

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