Guide to nose piercing ?

Nose piercing

Nose piercing is becoming more and more trendy. Current and contemporary, this piercing sees its popularity with young and trendy communities increasing constantly.

Simple, discreet or very extravagant, whether you are a man or a woman, young or not, you will find one that will enhance you.

You want to make one, but need information? In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know before making one.

What is a nose piercing?

The nose piercing is a perforation of a part of the nose in order to put a jewel there. This practice made popular in the 80s and 90s is still very widespread today. There are several types of nose piercings:

  • The nostril piercing: it can be done on one nostril or both, according to your desires.
  • The septum piercing : the septum is the cartilage constituting the nasal septum between the two nostrils. The septum piercing is not done on the cartilage itself, but on the skin at the base of it.
  • The septril piercing: The septril or bridge piercing is quite unique. Its placement depends on the bone structure of the person and the cartilage of the septum.
  • Bridge piercing: It is made directly in the skin above the nose bone, between the eyes. It does not cross the bone as mentioned by certain received ideas.

Are nose piercings painful?

Nose piercing

Each individual reacts differently to pain, it is difficult to give an evaluation of the level of this one.

However, if you are having your first piercing, it is quite possible that you will find this one very painful. For those who, however, already wear a piercing and/or have had a similar experience, the pain might feel differently.

The most important thing to know when getting a piercing is not to focus on the pain, but to visualize the end result. This projection towards the satisfaction of your desire is euphoric.

The bigger it is, the more it will inhibit pain and help you to better live this experience.

Nose piercing: diameter, prices and models

The choice of jewelry for your piercing depends above all on the type of piercing you have. Indeed, the nose piercing offers you a wide choice of jewelry, namely straight rods, screws or nose studs, rings, and others.

As for the Bridge piercing, the curved barbells are almost the only jewels that can be inserted there even if it is a priori possible to put a ring there.

The diameter used is either classic with 1.2 mm, or 1.6 mm. For the prices, it will depend more on your desires. Indeed, depending on the type of jewel and its materials, it will cost you between 20 and 80 euros on average.

How and where to do a nose piercing?

Nose piercing
A young woman with tattoos and piercings in the downtown area of a city.

The art of piercing is sometimes complex. It requires a lot of precautions and expertise to be carried out in the best conditions. It is therefore always safer to call on a recognized professional to avoid exposing yourself to unconsidered risks.

The first step to take is to make an appointment with a professional piercer. Pick one that you feel confident with. Once the appointment has been obtained:

You will be received, installed and the piercer will take note of your need. He will make sure that you are over 18, or at least 16 years old accompanied and in possession of parental authorization, before starting the piercing.

he will wash his hands with soap or an antibacterial solution, put on gloves, and disinfect the area of ​​your nose that will host the piercing.

If you find that the position of the marking does not correspond to what you expected, it is still possible for you to let us know and have this adjusted.

Once the marking stage is complete, the piercer will use a hollow needle that he will have previously sterilized.

If all goes well, once the piercing is complete, he will immediately insert the loop or nail and clean the area. He will give you instructions to follow and you can leave. If you don’t have his card yet, make sure you have it before you leave. In case of any complication, it will be very helpful for you.

The healing time for nose piercings varies. It is more precisely between 4 weeks and 4 months for the nostril piercing and up to 8 months or more for complete healing for bridge, septum or septril piercings.

During this healing period, it is absolutely important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. To avoid infection, wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before handling the piercing.

Then, use a cotton swab soaked in warm water and soften the scabs around the piercing without removing them. Avoid the use of strong products such as alcohol, Betadine or hydrogen peroxide and do not remove your piercing before complete healing.

Note that it is possible to use specific products to accelerate healing. You can find them from your piercer or in specialized stores. However, it is advisable to let your piercing heal on its own, even if it takes longer.

Is it possible to get infection with a nose piercing?

The nose is a very exposed place. It is moist and in constant contact with bacteria and germs of all kinds present in the air we breathe. If you constantly fiddle with your piercing, you will introduce bacteria and germs that could infect it.

Placed at the level of the alar cartilages, the majority of nose piercings expose you to the risk of perichondritis, an infection of the tissues located around the cartilage. The risk of infection is even greater if the piercing reaches the septum. To recognize an infection, here are the 4 symptoms to pay attention to:

  • Fever: If you have a sudden rise in fever without being sick to speak of, then this is a possible sign of infection.
  • Redness: It is normal to have some redness at first, for a few days. However, if this continues and the appearance of the skin changes and it becomes warm, then this is a sign of infection.
  • Pain: Moderate to severe pain after the first few days after the piercing should be a sign that something is wrong, and it could be an infection.
  • Pus: Of course, pus is a sign of infection. If it’s clear, it’s not that bad, but if it turns yellowish and smells bad, then see a doctor, as that’s a sure sign of infection.

What are the things to pay attention to after a nose piercing?

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before handling your piercing.
  • Clean your piercing at least twice a day.
  • Do not use alcohol, betadine or hydrogen peroxide to clean your piercing.
  • Do not remove your piercing until fully healed if possible. If you had to take it off after a few weeks, be sure to put it back on after a few hours at most.
  • Avoid fiddling with your piercing.
  • Avoid contact with pool chlorine.
  • Be careful when putting on your clothes.
  • Do not wear makeup until the piercing has completely healed to avoid any risk of contamination of the wound.
  • Protect your piercing when applying hairspray or any other hair product.

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