The different types of noses and their specific imperfections

Do you only show one profile when you take a picture of yourself? you hate seeing yourself sideways.Do you spend hours trying to cover up imperfections in your nose with makeup to make it look less big or to hide its tip? Do you no longer want to go out in public because your nose doesn’t match the other features of your face? The different types of noses and their specific imperfections.

If you recognize yourself in any of these situations, it is very likely that you have already thought about a cosmetic trip for rhinoplasty .

Where does the shape of the nostrils come from?

The shape of your nostrils is determined by your genetic heritage, which is why they are similar to those of your family members. It can also happen that lesions caused by an accident, surgery or fracture alter the original shape of the nose. Fortunately, rhinoplasty in Tunisia can correct imperfections and deformations of the nose , whether accidental or congenital .

Learn more about nose surgery

The goal of rhinoplasty is to restore or create facial harmony by reworking the size and/or shape of the nose. The advantages of rhinoplasty are diverse. It is possible to globally change the size of a nose, its width and its profile. The tip of the nose can also be corrected, whether it is drooping or too upturned. It is finally possible to correct nostrils that are too wide or asymmetrical.

What can you expect from rhinoplasty?

The result of a rhinoplasty depends on each patient’s nasal structure, bones and cartilage, which is why it varies from patient to patient.

Here are the types of noses found around the world

  • The Roman nose: It is characterized by a bump located on the back of the nose which is especially noticeable when the person is in profile, the skin of this type of nose is thin. Rhinoplasty removes excess cartilage and bone that forms the bump.
  • The hooked nose: When a Roman-type nose has too large a bump, the tip of the nose projects downwards. In this case, rhinoplasty corrects the tip of the nose .
  • The short or Asian nose: Its characteristics are the absence of volume on the back of the nose and wider nostrils which form a rounding on the tip.With this type of nose, rhinoplasty raises the back and increases the projection of the tip, thus correcting its rounded appearance.
  • The African nose: It has an enlarged base and nostrils and its skin is thick. In this case and with a rhinoplasty the patient seeks to harmonize the proportions of his nose with that of his face without erasing his ethnic origin.

Every face is unique, and it’s impossible to choose someone else’s specific nose to copy on yourself. The surgeon is there to advise you on the type of nose that will be the most in harmony with your physique.

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