Cerakote gun coatings are the world standard in gun finishing and are  the best choice when looking to redesign your gun due to the excellent surface properties of the gun . If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place!

We are one of a few finishing companies in Germany that are certified Cerakote gun coaters. We are also in possession of large caliber WBK’s and know what to look out for. The many advantages that this surface coating brings with it have been proven by various tests carried out with the color “Graphite Black” from the H-Series.  There is a rich color palette to choose from, which can usually satisfy any design need. Whether you want your weapon components to be single-colored, multi-colored or coated in a specific design, we can discuss the process in detail in the preliminary discussion.

If you’re not sure how you want to design your firearm, just use contrasting colors, you can’t go wrong. Choose two colors that complement each other well. Assign a color to the controls and decide which color should dominate on the slide and grip. If you’re still not sure, just ask us for advic


The H-series of Cerakote gun coatings is the most widely used finish and is intended for metal gun components as the Cerakote H-series is kiln baked at a temperature of approximately 150°C . Wooden and plastic parts are therefore out of the question, as the material consistency is changed by such high temperatures.

The C series of Cerakote gun coatings are particularly suitable for gun components made of wood and plastic. After professional preparation, wooden handle scales, for example, offer an excellent adhesive base for a ceramic coating. Thanks to the coating, you no longer have the annoying slipping problem caused by sweaty hands, as is often the case on varnished or sealed wooden surfaces. You have more grip and the gun oil can be wiped off the coated grips more easily if too much of a good thing has got on it. However, the complete range of colors from the H series is not represented here.

The Cerakote coating is also of interest to hunters. Deer stalking, safari or driven hunts all put greater strain on their firearms. Especially when you are out and about in densely overgrown undergrowth, there is abrasive contact, which you have to counteract with burnished surfaces through increased maintenance if you want to continue to blindly rely on your companion


The Cerakote gun coating is ideal for preparing older classics, such as the Mauser K98. A surface coating that is no longer intact is one of the most common reasons why the weapon should be recoated. As a rule, old bluing of the weapon parts is the problem, which we professionally remove in order to then prepare the Cerakote coating . So you can make a closet keeper or a frequently used copy look like new again.

Ceramic coating is a quantum leap for hunting guns compared to blueing. You no longer have to force yourself to care for the surface and you don’t have to worry about conjuring up the rusty eel out of the closet after a few days.

Side-by-side shotguns with a blue finish are very sensitive to the effects of the weather if they are not cleaned regularly. Here, too, we recommend a coating with the C series in Graphite Black (matt black). Visually very attractive and finally easy to care for in handling

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