What is a Nuru Massage? Here are the Facts You Should Know

This novelty comes straight from Japan, a country where Nuru massage is a common practice. It consists of using a specific gel based on nori seaweed that maki eaters know well, which increases sensations and pleasure tenfold. The French can now acquire it and try the experience.

Some think they have only one solution to test an erotic massage: they go to a specialized salon. From now on, couples can share this sensual moment at home and thus spice up their relationship thanks to a Japanese specialty: the nuru.

In the language of the land of the rising sun, the term means “slippery”. Unlike classic gels, nuru is not sticky and offers lovers a very sensual body-to-body. It can be used alone or mixed with water. It is also advisable to use hot water to enjoy more fluidity and sensations.

Today, a few products are now available in France, such as Nuru massage, MagicGelNuru, WetNuru, for sale via the Internet.

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