What does the American flag meaning?

Very attached to their national flag, the inhabitants of the United States like to wave it in front of their homes. The American flag even traveled to the Moon! Do your children know the history of this banner? Discover it as a family.

Blue, white and red, the American flag can recall those of England and France and like them, this one has a great history.

The story of independence

After the discovery of America in 1492, the territory that is now the United States was populated mainly by colonies of the Kingdom of England. Then, in 1776, thirteen colonies located on the east coast wanted to take their independence and came up against the opposition of the Kingdom. After a war of about seven years, the colonies were victorious and became the first thirteen states in the country. To show that they no longer had anything to do with England, they created their own flag.

The meanings of the flag

The first flag consisted of thirteen stripes and thirteen stars. Then, little by little as the country grew, the American Congress then decided to add a star for each new state. Indeed, it was easier to integrate stars than additional bands. Since 1960, the flag has had fifty stars for fifty states and the colors have been chosen to represent important values: white for purity, red represents bravery and courage, blue symbolizes justice

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