What Is the Best Way to Construct a Retaining Wall?

Landscaping can enhance the appeal of your exterior and create an inviting setting. Many prefer landscapes to get fresh air and relax with nature. However, you will need a retaining wall to protect your investment. A retaining wall will prevent soil erosion by improving drainage and can make your exterior appealing. The experts in retaining walls Edmond OK can help you choose a suitable material and design for the wall depending on your budget and outdoor space. You can also go through the following and construct your retaining wall without hiring professionals.

How to Construct a Retaining Wall

Before going ahead, research the building codes of your location. The process will be safe and legal if you know the building regulations and codes. Yes, there might be some specific requirements to construct a retaining wall. Also, you might need permission for such constructions. You will have to adhere to those local guidelines. Check the codes and then follow the steps given below.

Choose a Suitable Type

There are different types of retaining walls OKC.  You can choose one that fits your needs.  You can have cantilevered walls that feature steel bars. The gravity wall is worth considering when you want to prevent soil erosion. Do your research and fit the best fit depending on your specific needs. However, here are steps to construct a retaining wall with blocks.

Build the Foundation

You will have to construct a sturdy and solid foundation. Start digging and dig to the point where you can have a tall wall. Make sure that the foundation is firm and flat. Now, you can create a paver base or add a layer of gravel at the bottom, and then you can create the base layer for your retaining wall. Once you have the first layer, install the drainage system. While doing so, you must ensure the pipe connects from the topsoil to the wall bottom. 

Level Everything

Level the base and then add the second layer of the blocks. While adding blocks, level them by using a torpedo level and hit each layer with a rubber mallet. You should focus on even layers when adding blocks to get an even look.


Keep adding layers of blocks and backfill when your retaining wall gets higher. You have to backfill between the wall blocks and trench them using gravel. This step will create a secure and sturdy structure against the soil.

Use Capstones

It is the final step you need to do when the retaining wall reaches the desired height. You can use the top capstones of the wall and then construction adhesives to secure them. 

You can follow these simple steps to construct your retaining wall. However,  you can take the help of experts and make the process effortless and more appealing. A retaining wall will add style to your exterior by increasing its visual appeal. This addition can protect your landscape and ensure proper drainage. You can choose different materials and designs based on your preference. Wood, concrete, stone, and gabion are the preferred materials for retaining walls. All will offer the desired durability and beautify your exterior while creating a safe barrier for your landscape.

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