Which Kind of Roofing Is Best for Your House?

You will have many options for roofing materials. Most will appear worth considering since all will have some specific benefits. However, you should always consider investing in quality materials to ensure a durable outcome. Your budget and the weather condition of your location will play a determining role. Also, you can reach out to an experienced Edmond OK roofing company to choose the best roofing material. 

Many prefer asphalt shingles since they are affordable, versatile, and easy to find. You can choose from different colors as well. Also, you can consider tiles, metals, or wood based on your preference. When clay tiles are more expensive, wood and metal can fit any budget. Here are key roof types with pros and cons. You can go through them and find one that fits your budget, suits the climate, and complements your home style. 


You can have asphalt, composite, or fiberglass shingles. Most prefer this roofing because of its easy installation requirements, affordability, and durability. Roofing contractors Yukon OK might suggest this type when you want the best possible solution with a limited budget. Besides, these roofs will last for three decades, and the asphalt is recyclable. Also, some manufacturers mix asphalt, composite, and fiberglass material to get many inspiring colors, including green, blue, gray, or brown. The benefits are affordability, low maintenance, recyclability, suitability for different weather conditions, and availability in many colors.  The downside is that the color will fade away with sun exposure.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles look inspiring and are one of the most popular options for roofing.  You will have the option to choose from Scania, French, Spanish, and many more. But it is expensive and might not fit a limited budget. However, clay will last longer than other roofing materials, and you can consider this roofing for hot climates. Also, it is wind and fire-resistant and requires low maintenance. You will appreciate the natural material and curb-appealing look. The downside is it requires more structural support.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is affordable and easy to maintain. Moreover,  the material will last around eight decades, and aging will not impact the appearance. You can choose from many colors and maintain a fresh look with low maintenance. Also, it is lightweight and recyclable. But the downside is its installation requirements. 

Slate Roofing

Slate is the most durable, but you will have to spend more on this material. It can last up to 20 decades and can withstand extreme temperatures. It is windproof and fireproof, and other benefits are maximum durability, low maintenance, and inspiring colors. However, it requires additional structural support for the weight.

Wood Roofing

Wood will give a royal touch to your roof, but it will have more maintenance requirements. These roofs can last five decades in dry climates. Also, you can choose from redwood, cedarwood, and pine. You will appreciate the appearance, but you will have to focus on regular maintenance. 

You can consider any of the roofs based on your budget and climate. Always choose a material that requires low maintenance and supports your climate conditions. Take the help of reliable roofers and find the best possible solution.

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