Will Purchasing VOIP Phones Save You Money?

With all of the talk about internet phone service, you may be wondering if a VOIP service will be best for your needs. More than suiting your needs, you may be wondering if it will save you money and will be worth the transition. You will be surprised to find that internet service is less expensive and does not have the same kinds of costly rates attached to it that traditional services have.

Close up of a man’s hands pressing the button and showing he has a meeting using a conference call phone in an office board room table

Many people can attest to spending close to $200 per month on traditional services like AT&T or MCI, while VOIP phone has a flat rate and no unexpected charges. Under certain circumstances, you can expect fees associated to canceled service due to nonpayment, as well as proration and reconnect fees, but those are typically no different than other phone services. The first way that a person saves money from making the transition to VOIP service is through their unlimited local and long distance calling plan. These plans do not charge per minute rates on calling to particular states, countries or territories.

You can typically expect the United States, Canada and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as Puerto Rico and Guam to be added to your network for unlimited local and long distance calling as they are frequently contacted countries. Many other countries are included in your calling package at an unlimited rate, but you will need to check with your VOIP provider to determine what those countries are.

If you want to purchase phone equipment from your new provider, you will also find that their equipment is much less costly than it has been in the past. Cordless and corded handsets of any brand can be connected to your VOIP gateway as well, which does not restrict your equipment capabilities. You will find different features per handset and you will be able to choose the particular type of handset that you want


The potential for saving money is tremendous with a VOIP phone, especially when considering initial capital expenditures which can be very costly. Because you are able to choose the type of equipment you need, or if the purchase of additional equipment will be necessary at all, you will save your company thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary costs. VOIP phone service is transmitted over existing internet lines as well, saving you money on equipment costs for setup of the service as well. You will find that your investment in this service will meet your needs without breaking your bank.

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