Tiger eye japanese tattoo

 japanese tattoo of a tiger eye combined with a feather is not only beautiful to put on your arm but also radiates strength and mystery.


 japanese tattoos deserves a prize for its originality alone. This tattoo is so rough that you don’t even have to be a fan of the Batman movies to find it cool. In addition, Batman stands for justice in the world which can be a beautiful symbolism with your character.


 japanese tattoo of a ship on your upper arm is not only beautiful, but you also want it to be seen. The detailed design makes this tattoo look like a real work of art on your body.

 Symbols and signs

Sometimes a  japanese tattoo is really personal and you don’t want everyone to understand it immediately. Using symbols and / or signs as a tattoo immortalizes its meaning on your arm while the message is only clear to you.

 Famous figure

Maybe you are a fan of a certain artist or actor. Then it may be an idea to have the image of that person placed on your arm. For example, the image of Heath Ledger as the Joker became a popular tattoo after his death.

World Map japanese tattoo

Whether you’re an avid traveler or not, this world map japanese tattoo will undoubtedly get you the travel bug.


Who loves music also wants to express this. When creating music is just not enough, you can consider getting a  japanese tattoo. This guitar reflects the love for the instrument and the music in general.

Love for music japanese tattoo

If you want to show your love for music just a little more subtly, this cool tattoo might be a better option. Simple but effective in terms of message.


The tattoo of a compass on your forearm can represent a lot. You may want to show that you are an avid traveler. Or rather that you know which direction you are going in your life.

Full back japanese tattoo

The advantage of the back is that there is a lot of space to place a large tattoo. This way you can have an extensive design immortalized on it, such as a large image

Skull Skulls japanese tattoo

are a popular image for tattoos but sometimes you want to make something special out of them. A large image of a skull can therefore be supplemented with a personal touch and symbols.


An impressive design for those who, for example, have a lot of iconic figures placed on their back. This collage is a combination of different artists in their featured style. All together this forms a beautiful picture that is sure to attract a lot of attention.


Family is a big part of your life. They are often the most important people in your life for whom you would fight with heart and soul. Placing the battle to protect your family on your body is therefore a very personal tattoo.


This creative tattoo is not only a picture to look at but also shows your love for nature. The combination of a bear with extensive forests and the freedom of the birds are a great illustration for a tattoo.

The beach

Your legs are a part of the body that are often visible to the outside world. You want a tattoo that is worth seeing on your leg. This image of the beach with accompanying palm trees is therefore a very beautiful tattoo that is ideal for your leg.

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