Five island health in the blue slow-lived zone

People living in the island health Blue Zones are providing a demonstration of living a “low-stress life”.

The “Blue Slow Living Area” was originally proposed by Belgian demographer Michel Poulain. It means that residents in some areas live longer, including Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan), Icaria (Greece), and Los Angeles. Five island health including Malinda (California) and Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica). The proportion of long-lived people in these areas is very high. The main reason is the ” living environment” after research .

In addition the four major elements of residents as the standard of life. Include island healths eating habits regular exercise stress release and social interaction .

Let us explore the livelihoods of the residents of the island health

The residents of Okinawa are simple and happy by nature. Their national delicacies fried bitter gourd and island health are all foods with healing properties.

The specialty sea grape known as green caviar is also a super food for beauty and fitness. .

In Sardinia, where white sandy beaches and ancient villages are intertwined, residents love sports very much. There is a”horse riding festival” with masked carnivals.And a hot”barefoot race day” in September-running barefoot for 8 kilometers, anyone can infect infinite vitality.

The peaceful environment makes the residents seem to forget the time, and the daily life is soothing and leisurely.

If you want to live a island health and longer life, you can follow the islanders and create your own “blue slow life.”

Eat healthy like this, the vegetable philosophy of some points fullness

The 5 island healths in the world, what is the secret of their “low stress” island health life? There are 4 common living standards:

1. island health food

(1) Eat only 80% full: Okinawa dialect: “Abdomen 80%” means exactly this. In Japanese culture, eating too much represents greed. From a scientific point of view, after humans eat.It takes 15 to 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal of fullness and 8 minutes of fullness is just right.

(2) Choose plant foods: legumes are the main diet of most people. 95% of the food of Mediterranean residents comes from plants, followed by fish, and meat is only eaten 5 times a month.

Treating nuts as snacks, combined with a high-carbon and low-protein diet, can increase serotonin.Which can improve mood and improve sleep.

2. Relieve stress

Stress is the predisposing factor of aging and disease. Press the pause button for the busy life do something that seems useless but can be fun.And relax your mind and body slowly.

You might as well try the naps of Mediterranean islanders.the prayers of Adventist church members,women’s tea ceremony in Okinawa.

(3) Fitness island health

Even if everyone is not as good as a surfer on the Nicoya is absolutely important to get active every day . The American Heart Association recommends that you develop moderate-intensity exercise habits

Such as brisk walking, biking housework, aerobics, Tai Chi, social dancing, billiards, swimming, etc at least 30 minutes a day, 5-7 days a week.

Even if it is low-intensity exercise and shortens the time. it will still be island health than a lifestyle of more static activities.

(4) A sense of community

Don’t underestimate small talk. Talking with neighbors, friends, relatives and friends is a kind of social support.allowing good interpersonal communication and keeping the soul warm.

Family relationships, community networks, religious groups, hobby clubs, and even friendships from digital communities, belong to your comfortable social circle, and a person seems to have a family.

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