Best tiger tattoo designs,tips and tutorial

Often we observe that tiger tattoo are place on the back or on the shoulder, as is the case with the Asian style composition of actress Angelina Jolie, which is considered to be one of the most popular tattoos.

On the other hand, although this type of pattern has been in fashion for years, it still hasn’t lost its beauty, nor its traditional meaning.

The origin of the symbolism of this tiger tattoo probably comes from countries in Asia, such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan or India, where this feline represents power, passion, strength, beauty and sensuality , which are the real reasons for its popularity

That is why in the dream world, dreaming of a tiger tattoo somehow means that a new passion has awakened in us. But beyond their conventional meaning,these animals represent duality, and although they some of the most destructive animals that exist in nature, they are used as a symbol of protection of the family, and especially babies.

In China, more than in any other country, amulets with the image of this great predator made, which serve as protection against evil.

At this point, we have to mention that this animal tends to be as much a symbol of life as of death , due to its destructive force. In fact, in Hinduism, the God Shiva, assimilat to destruction is represent wearing tiger tattoo skin or riding him.

Let’s not forget to mention that, mainly in Asian countries, this ferocious animal is closely link with power, as it is at the head of the food chain. A position he shares with other animals like bears, wolves, lions and sharks.

Although these tiger tattoo continue to be more and more common in both men and women and both sexes choose it all over the world and choose to locate it interchangeably on many parts of the body, there are however places unite both aesthetics and symbolism.

For example, many men decide to place a tiger on the upper arm area. On the other hand, although tattoos are mostly printed in black and mainly depict the head, it is certain that there are thousands of designs that vary in size and color. It is also one of the most pleasant and beautiful tattoos to observe at first sight. In addition, they provide a lot of pleasure for the tattoo artist.

The tiger tattoo is a creature of extraordinary beauty and possesses movements of real elegance. Without a doubt it is a good choice, not only for people who are looking for the meanings and symbols that we have mentioned, but also for those who love nature and animals.

It can also be a way of representing the personality of the one who gets tiger tattoo, if he identifies with this beautiful animal: power, strength, ferocity and invincibility.

We couldn’t have started better, with a drawing of great quality and great beauty.In which we can see a ferocious tiger roaring menacingly while showing its fangs. The tattoo appears to be located on this person’s arm, but it’s not completely clear.

A large head  tiger tattoo sticking out between the brush, mouth open and showing teeth, with the gaze fixed, probably rivet on its lens or prey. Magnificent depiction of a tiger climbing a rock with what appears to be a wave breaking at the base. This is a huge oriental looking tattoo that covers almost the entire side of the wearer.

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