Hip dips: what does the term mean and how can you hide them with clothing when I’m feeling uncomfortable?

Hip Dips: When we first heard the term, we thought of a new type of barbecue sauce. But far from it…

What is meant by this is a completely normal body characteristic that can occur in many women regardless of their weight and physique and is primarily related to the bone structure. Hip dips means “hip dents” and is a hip curve between the pelvis and the base of the thighs, which is more pronounced for some and less pronounced for others.

Even supermodel Alessandra Ambrosia does hip dips

Why do you get hip dips?

Hip dips aren’t something you just get, they’re largely a condition. This is indicated by the ratio of the pelvic bone to the femur. If the two bones are very far apart, the hip dent forms in the space between them.

Furthermore, one-sided training of the glutei muscles can also increase the intensity of the hip dips. If that’s the case for you, you can counteract it with more targeted glutei training, and while you probably can’t completely eliminate hip dips, you can minimize them a bit. Whether they disappear ultimately depends on your bone structure

How can we conceal hip dips and what unintentionally worsens the effect?

Ok, now that we’ve clarified that hip dips aren’t a perceived flaw, it’s still another matter whether we want to accentuate them or better conceal them. We want to give you a few styling tips if you don’t necessarily want to emphasize your hip dips.

Styling don’ts:

  • Incisive or too tight underwear can even intensify the hip dips.
  • Colored leggings with short dark tops. This draws attention to your hip dips.
  • Avoid tube dresses and skin-tight clothing in general.

Styling Dos:

  • The golden rule is, of course, “Clothing should be slightly looser around your hips.” Instead of cycling shorts, you might want to wear paper bag shorts .
  • If you like to wear leggings , you can also casually tie a sweatshirt around your hips or wear a long shirt with it.
  • A-line dresses or dresses with a loose skirt are ideal.

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