How does a hot stone massage work?

Before you book a hot stone massage for the first time, you may carefully ask yourself what to expect. That hot stones are used is clear. But we would now like to show you how such a massage is carried out correctly.

Step-by-step instructions for a hot stone massage:

A young woman having hot stone therapy

Step 1: Preparing the Hot Stones

When you enter the massage room, your massage therapist will have already heated the 48-56 stones to a temperature of 45-55 degrees with a heater or in a water bath. To start, he places eight flat stones in pairs on the massage table to align them neatly along your spine after you lie down. A towel is placed between you and the stones next to you to avoid accidental burns. Various massage oils are also available – mostly made from grape seed, jojoba or lavender.

Step 2: facial massage

After you have laid your back on the prepared stones and they have been aligned, the masseur starts with the face. A light layer of oil is applied and other smaller stones are placed on the cheeks, under the lip and on the forehead.

Step 3: Legs and Feet

The legs are then pre-massaged with oil before being gently rubbed with appropriately sized massage stones. The masseur will work with you to adjust the level of pressure to give you the best possible massage experience. The stronger the pressure, the deeper the heat penetrates the muscles. He then places small stones between each of your toes.

Step 4: Arms

The arms are oiled and massaged with medium-sized stones. When each arm is finished, the massage therapist places a warm massage stone in each of your palms.

Step 5: Transition to the back

After the arms are complete, the stones are removed from the palms, face, and between the toes, and you are asked to turn around. Meanwhile, the eight spinal stones underneath you are also taken out. Now lying on your stomach, your back is massaged and treated with a large hot stone and long movements. The therapist then places a hot stone on each shoulder, in the shoulder area and on the lower back. A medium-sized round stone is placed in each of your palms.

Step 6: Back of legs, back of knees and calves

In the next step, your legs will be uncovered so that massage stones can be placed directly under your buttocks. The same happens with your knees and your calves.

Step 7: Shoulder area and finish

Finally, the shoulders, neck and scalp are massaged. The massage therapist then removes any stones and ends the session with gentle stroking movements on the back and legs.

Is there also a massage during a hot stone massage? Yes, not only are the hot stones applied, but the massage therapist uses them to perform long, circular strokes. Individual parts of the body with stubborn tension are even worked on with the stone edge if necessary in order to penetrate even deeper into the tissue.

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